Smith mountain lake

Our neighbors, Abigail and Erik, invited our family to go with them to Abigail’s parent’s lake house in Virginia. The house sits right on Smith Mountain Lake and has a beautiful view. It is very child friendly as well.

The three hour drive up to the lake was very challenging and noisy due to the three kids in the car. That is always the worst part of every trip. The time we spent at the house was great!

Miller had a sandy beach to play on, the bigger kids swam in the lake and played in the dock, and the adults relaxed and talked. Abigail’s parents were there an they were vary nice and hospitable. It was a place that I felt free to cook myself something or go take a nap without guilt and without tip toeing around. I loved it.

Saturday morning the kids jumped right into the lake with Abigail at 8:30. What a new experience for them.


Miller played in the sand.


We all went to the antique boat and car how for lunch. Luckily there was a beach for the kids to play on while qe were there.

The funniest part of the afternoon was Wilsons cleaning episode. He was upstairs brushing his teeth when he came downstairs with a towel covered in toothpaste, toms toothbrush and some toothpaste. He smelled very minty. I asked him what he was doing and he said that he was putting toothpaste on the floor and smearing it around with his hands. Then wiping it up with the towel. He said he was pretending to be a floor cleaner. I asked him very sweetly if he was using Daddy’s toothbrush to clean the floor. He said,”just a little bit”. Lol!! I then told him I thought that it was very nice of him to clean the floors for us and he said,”yeah, I am pretty proud of myself”. He is a true character.

After dinner we all went for a boat ride. Very fun!



The sun set was beautiful. So far the first day was great fun.

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