Kitchen Trim

As many of you know, I love to paint the interior of the house.  I feel like I can always improve something with a coat of paint.  I am usually right!  This time, I painted the wood trim in the kitchen. Last month I went to my Aunt Lisa’s house and she had painted her wood trim white.  Amazingly, she had also painted the walls the exact same color that my kitchen already was.  I could immediately see how much better my kitchen would look with white trim.  I went home and convinced Tom that he would like it.  He gave me the okay and so I went to work.

This time, I took before and after pictures.  As you can see, the wood trim was dark.  I am amazed at how much lighter and happier our kitchen now looks.  However, regardless of color, there is always a cluster of crap in this area of the house.  Sorry….

IMG_1469 IMG_1470


After a nice coat of white paint on the trim and a new coat of blue on the walls that was the same color.  I put some of the kids’ art work above the window.IMG_1658




Of course, now that the walls are a pretty and clean white, I can really tell how off-white the floors and counter tops are.  That can be my next project.

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