Miller’s Growing Up

Miller is now 27 months old.  I love it when they turn two because then I can just say that he is “2”.  It is much easier than counting months.  But for the sake of accurate blogging and remembering how old, or young, he actually is, I will say that he just turned 27 months old….a young two.  The things that he can do and say at this age amaze me daily.  He knows most of his colors, loves to draw, and can do puzzles without the picture under the piece.  He can count to ten and sing part of the ABC song.

His vocabulary and verbal skills are quite abundant.  He says things like, “I want to watch the Neverland Pirates, Mommy.”  or “I don’t want the blue blanket.” or “Let’s go outside and play soccer. Come on!”  I love that he can communicate so clearly.  Of course, some of the words are ones that only a mother could understand, but others are quite clear.  Today I leaned over in the car, kissed his cheek and said, “I love you, Miller.”  He told me for the first time, “I love you.”  It almost made me cry.

His athletic interest and skills are also amazing.  He can set up and hit a tee-ball, dribble a soccer ball across the field, swing a golf club and actually hit the ball, and throw a frisbee (in the wrong direction).  Not bad for a two year old.  He even slept with his soccer ball last night.  You could say that he is a bit obsessed.  :)  I am hoping that his interest in sports will lead to a very lucrative job when he grows up.  For now,  I am just trying to play with him in the front yard as much as possible.  He enjoys it and it is nice to get outside.

He will occasionally get into trouble, but not often.  His biggest crime is dumping a bucket of blocks out and refusing to help clean them up.  I put him into time out (which he doesn’t mind), but he will help clean up after that.  He does copy me occasionally which isn’t always a good thing.  This past December he looked at Faith one day and said, “Shush it, Faith.”  Shush it!?!?  Where did he get that?, I thought.  Then I realized that he got it from me.  I never even realized that I said it, but he did.  It was very funny and cute when he said it, but it had to be controlled.  Everyone was being told to “shush it!”.  Even me.

I am trying to remember so much about this time in his life.  I am so glad that I can write all of this down and have it to remember later in life.  I have enjoyed being able to watch him grow and learn.  Physically he is still pretty small, but I like it.  I can pretend that I have a small baby for a little while longer….a small baby that talks, reasons, and plays sports.

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