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Last month I wrote about all of the terrible things that goes into our food:  high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, artificial colors, etc.  One of my friends said that I pretty much made her afraid to put anything  into her mouth. :) I can understand that fear.  I think about it all the time.  Well, I am hear to tell you that there are many things that you can buy that you are already eating – you just need to change the name brand.  I thought that it might be helpful to give everyone some of the foods that I buy from Walmart and Costco that are either organic or Non-GMO Project Verified with no artificial colors or preservatives.   This may help to make your shopping easier and less overwhelming when it comes to buying quality items.  You also see that we are no strangers to processed food.  My kids love granola bars.  They also love a good sugar cereal.  I believe that I need to give them some of the fun things in life (like sugar cereals) but I just need to buy the right kinds.  I hope this helps….

Like all kids, mine like sugar cereals.  Luckily, Cascadian Farms make an organic version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it is sold at Costco.  The granola cereal is not certified gluten free but is probably gluten free.  Both of these are sold in a giant box for under $9.00 at Costco.

20140319-160705.jpg 20140319-160722.jpg

I know that processed foods are not great for you, but when you have three kids that love to snack and need lunch boxes packed for school, these are good ones to buy.   All are either organic or all natural and non-gmo.  My kids love all of these because they are similar to the mainstream label and taste great.  I also give them Veggie Straws which are really a glorified potato chip but they are non-gmo and better than the alternative.  The cashews from Costco are made with peanut oil and not cottonseed oil (which is gmo).  Again, all are sold at Costco for a very reasonable price.  Here are our favorites:


20140319-160759.jpg     20140319-160805.jpg   20140319-160813.jpg

When it come to cooking, here are a few that I use.  I buy these four things at either Walmart, Harris Teeter or Trader Joes.  Trader Joes also has a great selection of pasta sauces and organic rice pasta for under $2.50.  The coconut oil came from Costco, is organic, and is a giant tub of the stuff for only $10.00.

20140319-160826.jpg  20140319-160833.jpg  20140319-160840.jpg  20140319-160846.jpg20140319-161408.jpg  

For bread we use the following two brands:  Organic from Costco or Ezekiel bread which can be bought at any grocery store.  They cost about $3 – $5 per loaf depending on where you buy it.  Totally worth it.  Check out the ingredient list on regular bread and then compare it to these.  Other bread has a huge paragraph of ingredients, these do not.



As for meat, I should buy my meat from the farmer’s market, but again, that isn’t the most convenient.  I buy the organic chicken and organic, grass fed beef from Costco.  Probably not the best since it isn’t local, but better than the other stuff.  As a mom, I can’t go to more than 3 different stores for my food.  I usually buy everything at either Costco, Walmart, or Trader Joes.  It gives me the variety I need and I can get almost everything organic from those three places.

For dairy products I try to only buy organic, if I can. Sometimes the cheese, cream cheese or sour cream isn’t organic because it is too difficult to find. Stoneyfield yogurt, Silk unsweetened almond milk, Silk almond chocolate milk (which I cut with the unsweetened almond milk), and organic cheddar cheese from the grocery store is what I typically buy.  You can get the Silk Milk, Yo Kids squirt yogurts, and the organic butter at Costco as well.  My kids love the squirt yogurts.  Can you tell that Costco is my favorite store these days? We also buy organic cows milk which I don’t use all that often, only in cereal and if Faith’s wants regular milk to drink.  Silk almond milk is non-gmo.

I20140326-134805.jpg 20140326-134811.jpg 20140326-134817.jpg 20140326-134824.jpg



Needless to say, all of this takes a little effort and a little more grocery money.  I find that it is totally worth every penny.  My kids’ health now, and in the future, is worth the extra work.  Honestly, you get what you pay for and right now cheap food is so full of chemicals and toxins that I wouldn’t feed it to my dog….if I had one.  :)  Take the extra time to find quality food for yourself and your family.  It really isn’t that hard if you are willing to read a few labels and travel to a few different stores.  I even bought some pancake mix and gluten free flour on Amazon.  It was shipped right to my door at no extra charge.  There are so many places to go to get good quality food for you and your family.  What is more important than your health and what you put into your body?

I hope that this trip through my kitchen cabinets was helpful.  Now go and buy some of it!


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    Thanks for sharing Becca. I’m shocked to see the giant tub of coconut oil from costco is only $10! What an awesome find! I’m definitely going into some of the other stuff too…

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