Time with Faith

I just spent 30 minutes playing Barbies with Faith before bed time.  It was fun and I am glad that I took the time to be with her.  I realized that sometimes I am so busy with the other kids or cleaning the house that I forget to spend quality time with her.  Looking at it from her view point it seems sad that her mom, the most important person in her life, doesn’t always take the time to spend 30 minutes with her.  Tonight I did.  We played Beauty and the Beast with the Barbies, the castle, and even a candlestick and a clock.  I had a good laugh because she took the big barbie horse and said, “Belle’s dad can ride this….oh wait, he is so short that he would probably ride this one” and held up the My Little Pony.  It was hilarious!  I literally laughed out loud.  I would not have been able to laugh with her like that had I not spent the time with her.  This was a great reminder to slow down and focus on what is really important in life.  It isn’t laundry, dirty dishes or email….it is just taking 30 minutes out of my day to spend some quality, quiet time with my daughter.

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