Every one is doing something new!

It has been a big week here at the Dressler household.  I haven’t written in my blog in over a week and I have realized that there is a lot going on that needs to be told.  Here is what is each person is up to:

Miller – He is now going from lying down to sitting up.  My mom came into his room after his nap Thursday and he was sitting up.  This is a big first!  This means two things:

1.  I have to lower the crib so that he won’t fall out

2. He is harder to put to sleep.  Tonight he was quiet in his bed for almost 15 minutes before he began to cry.  I went in his room and he was sitting up at the end of his crib.  This means that he was playing for 15 minutes and then started to cry.  We will see how this goes.

Miller is almost crawling as well.  He can get on all fours and inch his way forward.  I give him a few days before he is really moving.  Time to put the baby gate back up….

Wilson – Is almost swimming.  We went to the pool twice this weekend and he was doing awesome.  He will walk around the shallow water, dive under the water and kick his feet and arms.  Then he will stand up, take a few steps and do it again. He was just swimming circles around the baby pool the other day.  I looked at him and thought, “I am so proud of his independence, his athleticism, and his sense of humor.  What a great kid!”  He plays by himself a lot at the pool and is totally entertained.  On Sunday he kept swimming back and forth to me and Tom.  He is really getting it.  I bet he will be swimming before the summer is over.  He isn’t afraid of the water at all.

Faith – Her swimming is getting better and better.  She is a little fish.  This weekend she started moving her arms like she is doing the freestyle stroke.  She can even come up for a breath and keep going.  Tom has taught her to jump in, swim under water, take a breath, and keep swimming.  She can go twenty feet or so by herself.  We may have a swim-teamer in the family.  She is motivated to do better without any coaxing by us.  She also loves to yell “cannonball!!” and jump in.

Becca – I went to meet our home school group for next year.  We are going to be a part of the Indian Land, SC, Classical Conversations group.  My friend Laini is running it.  I am a little afraid of how I will do, but glad that I am going to do it.  I know that I made the right decision for this year since we will be in Roanoke for the entire fall and part of the winter.

Tom – Tom has officially rented us a three bedroom apartment in Roanoke beginning September 1.  He has been traveling 3 hours  to Roanoke, VA, four days a week since November.  Beginning in September, the kids and I will be going to Roanoke every other week or more so that Tom doesn’t have to drive constantly and so that our family can be together.  The kids miss their dad and I miss having a partner to help raise them.  The stress is too much for our family.  I think it is going to be fun and exciting to live part time in another town and do different things.  Tom was also recommended for a promotion, which I am very proud of him for.  He has been there 8 months and has already been recommended for a promotion and nominated for “Consultant of the Year”.  Pretty good!!

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