Happy Birthday Tom!

Tom’s 49th birthday was yesterday. The kids and I made him a teddy bear cake with Cherrios on it. The kids have been waiting to use the cake pan and I didn’t have any sprinkles so Cherrios worked in a pinch. I actually made a gluten free cake with all natural icing and it tasted really good! I bought it all at the Healthy Home Market. The icing was delicious! We had fun making the cake together and the kids helped Tom blow out the candles. (I have been taking all my pictures with my iphone so you will have to excuse the photo quality) Tom and I were going to go out for his birthday but since he hadn’t been home in almost two weeks Tom decided that he would rather have a movie night at home with the kids. They watched a movie and I went to bed at 8:30. (That is the difference in a working/traveling dad and a stay at home mom.)




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