Half way through

It is now mid-July and summer is half way over. I dread going back to school, both for me and the kids. I really enjoy sleeping in and having nothing to do each day except work out and play with the kids.  I guess this is what it would be like to either home school or be independently wealthy….neither of which describes us.  

I have to admit that not everyday is made of rainbows and sunshine.  Some days are entirely fun, but most of them are filled with bits of fun sandwiched between refereeing, chores and yelling at the kids to be nice to each other and to me.  It can be exhausting.  I made a pact with myself on Monday that I would try not to yell. I would speak firmly yet calmly.  I am having decent results but sometimes yelling is a necessary evil. Sometimes I think that they don’t even hear me unless I turn up the volume considerably.  I am sure that many of you can relate. 

One thing that I am proud of this summer is getting into a routine that includes the kids reading and doing something other than begging for TV. I have both wilson and Faith reading each day and learning about money and telling time. It only takes thirty minutes which perfect for all of us. I feel like an organized, scholarly mom and the kids can get ahead a bit in school.  It’s a win-win. (I even began to use reading as a punishment for Faith’s constant sassy-ness)

What have we done all summer?  I could not tell you. The time is flying by and I can’t seem to stop it from passing so rapidly.  It has been so blazing hot this summer that most of our time is spent indoors. My living room and dining room contains the most giant blanket fort that I have ever  seen.  I told them that they have until Sunday before I take it down.  I barely have sheets on my bed anymore. They are all in the living room.  This is summer break…..


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