I’m Baaaaccckkkk…..

I haven’t written a post in over a month.  What have I been doing? you ask.  Well, I have been teaching preschool, working out, trying to get this house sold, doing homework with kids (occasionally), and taking the kids to their activities.  Sounds exciting, right?  It is, on a certain level.

Frisay after school I was frustrated with the kids because they were all whining and complaining.  I decided that the best way to avoid all of this drama was to go and work out.  I went to the gym and had a revelation….it was Friday, Wilson’s birthday weekend and I wanted to enjoy being with the kids. I picked them up from child watch with a renewed spirit.  I told them that I loved them and they were more important to me than working out, more important than selling the house, more important than work and more important then anything I could think of.  Then I informed them that it was Wilson’s birthday weekend and we were going to have fun!  

We went straight to walmart and bought Wilson’s favorite snacks (within reason that I would buy, of course).  We bought ice cream, sprite, and popcorn. The. We went to Red Box and let wilson pick the movie. We were ready for a fun weekend together.  

Truth be told, I miss the kids while they are at school.  I hate seeing them only in the afternoon when we have have home world and dinner and bedtime. I am very thankful that I was able to change my mood and mind set for the weekend. It was worth it!

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