Wilson’s birthday

Wilson turned six on October 12.  My little wilson is six. I guess he isn’t so little anymore, but he is still super sweet, loves to cuddle, loves to sword fight, loves school, and loves to watch TV.  I tried to talk him out of having a birthday party, and I thought that I had thoroughly convinced him, until five days before his birthday he told me that he wanted a party.  How was I supposed to throw him a party when I didn’t know any of his new friends from school and it was already a Thursday?!?  

Being the super mom that I am, I scoured old emails and the MCA school directory for the six kids that he wanted to invite to his party.  I was able to get in touch with two preschool friends and three families from his new school, including the triplets – six kids. Perfect!  From now on I will be planning all parties five days in advance because it significantly reduces the number of attendees and pressure to entertain them.  

Because our house is such a disaster from packing and moving my mom graciously offered up her house again this year to hold the party. We had a small bounce house, a trampoline, a swing set and some chickens to entertain the kids. They loved it!  The party was a success!! 

Wilson and my mom baked the cake that morning….

 My dad helped bounce the kids….   Wilson and his new best friend, Allison…

 In the middle of the party wilson came to find me so that I could play his new favorite toy, Rockem Sockem Robots, with him. I was flattered that he wanted to play with me during his birthday party. I was so touched that I got a picture of it…. Wilson is truly a blessing to have in our family. He has really grown up over the last few years and I am very proud of him. His smile is contagious and I am so thankful that he is mine. 

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