School starts

We have home schooled for one week and it is harder than I thought it would be.  I have been told by other homeschoolers that there are great days and bad days. I can see why. It is hard to motivate your own children to work and to make it as “fun” as a classroom teach would make it. For some reason they do seemingly boring tasks willingly for a school teacher but complain for me. I have to figure out how to plan better and to make the work more fun (according to Faith).  The most difficult part is trying to teach two grade levels. I have I figure out how to teach one child while keeping the other one occupied and productive.  I am currently having one play on the computer for twenty minutes while I work with the other for twenty minutes and then they switch. Or one does handwriting while the other does math and then they switch. I think that once they stop complaining, and we work out a system, it will be better. Miller also starts preschool on Monday which will make it easier as well.  I was going to let him stay home with us but he will have much more fun at school and I will have one less child to entertain during our school  hours. 

One thing that is working well is that the kids get up out of bed in the morning and go straight into the home school room ready to work. I am amazed that they do this, especially wilson.  If we can just figure out how to get the work done then we will be finished before lunch. 

It is definitely an adjustment for everyone, but for me, it is better than rushing around, paying for school tuition, and never seeing the kids. I know that this is what we are supposed to be doing this year and that feels good. God gave me this desire years ago and now I am being given the opportunity to fulfill it. 

Here are some pictures of when things were going well last week:

I personalized their desks that I got on Craigslist by spray painting them. Faith wanted pink and wilson wanted bright blue. They look fantastic….

When the kids got antsy I had them run up and down the stairs five times. They loved it….

The kids all working on the floor while eating snacks for breakfast…

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