Sea Life Aquarium

Did you know that there is an aquarium at Concord Mills?  Well, there is. Last month I found out that they were going to have a homeschool week with discounted prices so I put it on our calendar for our first field trip.  In preparation for our trip we studied marine animals for a few weeks. It was best part of our homeschool for two weeks. We all really enjoyed learning about sharks, sea horses, sting rays, eels and other fish. Wilson, in particular, really  enjoyed having me read to him each day. I leaned a lot about how he learns through this study. We will have to do more focused learning like this one. 

The aquarium is small but was enough to entertain us for a few hours. The best part was seeing the kids excitement when they saw a fish that we had studied before hand. Their eyes would light up. It was inspiring.  We each had a favorite part of the aquarium. Mine was the giant tank that we could walk through and see sharks, Rays and fish swimming above us. 

Wilson loved the six foot Moray Eel. That was his favorite fish that we studied and he was excited to see it in person. 

Faith liked the tour that went upstairs above the giant tank. She enjoyed seeing the sea tutle and looking down into the water. 

Miller’s favorite part was the moon jelly fish and their corresponding lights.    With the turn of a button the whole tank would change colors and so would the jelly fish. Very cool.  

The aquarium even had a small playground in it which gave the kids a place to run around an me a place to sit down.  The aquarium had a focus on the conservation of sea life, which really hit home with wilson. He was upset that seahorses and Sharks were being killed for sport, soup or medicine. I agree with him.  This trip and our study of fish was good for all of us. I could have fun learning along side of the kids and then we could take a trip that reinforced the learning. It was the perfect homeschool scenario. Now, only if all of our days were this easy and fun…..

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