We had another fun-filled, food-filled and family-filled Thanksgiving this year. Thanksgiving has it’s traditions and we definitely have ours.   Years ago we started taking the kids to the Thanksgiving Day parade in uptown Charlotte.   I tried to get out of going this year, but Faith said, “It is a tradition!  We have to go!”. So, I took her and Gabriel uptown to the parade.  The kids pretty much go to the parade for the candy that is thrown at them, and the bands and floats come in a close second.  The parade, and the weather, was nice this year and I ended up enjoying myself.  We got to the parade late, which was a huge blessing, and were able to wriggle our way up to the front and sit on the curb.  The secret to being warm and comfortable at the parade is bringing a blanket to cover you and a few towels to sit on.  :)

After the parade, we headed on over to my parents’ house for the feast!  As usual, there was a ton of food and about 40 people.  I love my family and am so blessed to have so many wonderful aunts and uncles.  My cousin, Laura, came to Thanksgiving in my grandmother’s Moravian outfit which was squeezed on top of her 8 month pregnant belly.  It was hilarious!  And she celebrated her 30th birthday at the same time!

My parents had the bounce house blown up for all of the kids (about 15 of them).  They also got some great use out of the trampoline.  I had to go outside at one point and tell them to come in and eat!  Now that my kids are older, I hardly even see them on Thanksgiving.  They are having too much fun playing with all of their cousins.  I think that the only time that I saw Miller was when he kept coming back inside to ask for another cookie.  He had to have had 5-10 cookies that day.  I am pretty sure they ate more desserts than anything else.

It was another success Wilson thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of my loved ones and the time we spend together.

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