Semi pro soccer

Last weekend we went with some friends to the semi-pro soccer game. I had no idea that Charlotte even had a team! Well, they do. They are called the Independence and they play about 2 miles from my house. I guess you now know how little I care about soccer. Haha.

The game was actually very fun. We usually go to a Charlotte Knights baseball game once a year, but this was even better. The soccer game was much more interesting than baseball and seats are better as well. It could definitely be a bit cheaper though.

Tom and I enjoyed hanging out together and having a beer while the kids all ran around. The kids don’t watch any of the game but instead play with their friends and eventually eat a sno-cone. It was a beautiful, cool evening with adult conversation and my feet propped up. :)

Miller, Kyler, Wilson and Knox after the soccer players signed their clothes, shoes and cows.


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