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Acoustic Syndicate

On one our first dates (ten years ago), Tom and I went to see the band Acoustic Syndicate on New Year’s Eve at the Visulite.  Acoustic Syndicate is a bluegrass-like jam band that is from NC and very talented.  We have seen them a few times since that first date, but not many.  This is due to the fact that we are old and have kids and going to see a band at 9:00pm is not an option for us anymore.  Thankfully, Acoustic Syndicate played an “early show” this past Tuesday night at 7:30.   Tom’s dad was in town so we even had a free babysitter. :)  As excited as we were for the date, we almost didn’t even make it to the early show.  Tom came home and said that he was exhausted.  I then told him that I needed to lay down for fifteen minutes before we went out because I too was exhausted.  My nap lasted ten minutes before Miller and the other kids climbed into bed with me.  I seriously didn’t think we would end up going to the show.  I tried to change our plans to something low key, but Tom insisted that we should go and that we would have a good time.  I am so grateful that he made us get up, motivate and go do something fun and original.  We had a great time!

As soon as we sat down a friendly girl named Ashley struck up a conversation with us.  Then we met her boyfriend who was working with Goose Island beer that was sponsoring the evening.  These two kind people gave us free drink tickets, two t-shirts and two pint glasses!  Not only did we see a band we love and enjoy our time together, but Tom and I also drank for free and got some goodies to boot.

Dates night are hard to come by, but when they do occur I am so thankful that I am married to a guy who likes to have fun and encourages me to have fun with him.