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Date Night

All dressed up!

All dressed up!

Tom and I went to his company’s employee party last weekend.  It was a cocktail party.  My first thought was, “Ohhhh,  a reason to get all dressed up!  I wonder what I will wear?”.  I found a fabulous dress that I had never worn (it was a hand-me down, my favorite!).  My second thought was, “Yuck, I have to wear heels.  I wonder if I have any that I can stand in for three hours?”.  I did!

The cocktail party itself wasn’t very entertaining, but we did get to socialize with some friends, eat a dinner that I didn’t have to prepare, and have a few free cocktails….without kids.   That is all I need to call the night a success!

We have very few pictures of just the two of us.  Of course, we had to use the timer on the camera so the picture is the greatest.  Anyway, you get the point.