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Happy Easter!  

Easter is always a fun holiday filled with egg hunts and sunrise services.   This year the kids had two egg hunts – one in the neighborhood and one at church.  Egg hunts are fun for the kids but I hate that the eggs are filled with candy.  You know that I am a health nut and to give my kids twenty pieces of candy on two occasions is almost too much for me to bear.   After the first egg hunt I let them eat a bunch of it and then told them that I would take then to the dollar store if they gave me the rest of their candy.   Of course, I took a bunch of it when they weren’t looking – just in case they didn’t want to give it up.  For the second egg hunt, which was at the church, I let them eat a good ten pieces before I offered to buy them ice cream if they gave up the rest of their candy. They did it. I know it sounds silly to give ice cream in lieu of candy, but let me explain.  I can give them ice cream and then be done with it – no more begging for candy and no more arguing with them about whether or not they can eat five pieces right before dinner. Done!   Here they are at the church going through their loot. 

 Another Easter tradition that we started a few years ago was giving the kids a gift instead of an Easter basket. Easter baskets are filled with candy (which we obviously don’t need) but a gift is something fun and possibly needed.  I usually surprise the kids with a gift but today we went to Walmart and I let them pick out what they wanted.  Miller got a pretend chainsaw, Wilson got some ninja swords and Faith picked out a white dog that barks and walks when you push the remote. Here they are carrying their goods… 


And here they are playing with said goods while I danced during my cardio funk class that was outside at the Prominade. I couldn’t have planned it better.  

Tomorrow we will be getting up early to go to the sunrise service. We will be celebrating Jesus’ rising from the dead and the sacrifice that He made for us on the cross.  Without Easter, Christmas would be meaningless and Jesus would just be a normal man.  But we do have Easter, we do know that Jesus is God’s Son, and we do have new life because of what Jesus did for us.  I thank God every day for His Son and the love that He has for us, and the love that we have for Him. 

Happy Easter! 

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Every year April hosts the neighborhood egg hunt.  There are more and more children moving into our neighborhood each year.  We are blessed to live in neighborhood that hosts so many parties and get togethers each year.  For the kids, the egg hunt and the Halloween party are the two biggies.   It was a smaller group this year, but that just meant more candy for those that were there.  Here is everyone before the festivities begin…..


At one point I had to stop Wilson from gathering too many eggs.  He is still in the “under 5” age group which meant that he could run around and scoop them all up before the little ones even knew what happened!  And I, being the health nut that I am, was cringing with each egg that he opened and gobbled up.  He thought it was funny to open egg, call my name, show me what he was eating and pop it in his mouth.



I decided that it was time to leave when Miller got lemonade spilled all over his clothes and I had to strip him down to his diaper and Wilson started crying because he got hurt.  Luckily a neighbor offered to drive us home so that we didn’t have to walk.   Here is some pictures at the END of the hunt…..




Dying Easter Eggs

For the kids, one of the best parts about Easter is dying Easter Eggs. I typically buy 3-5 boxes of the dye kits so that we can use them all year long. They rarely eat the hard boiled eggs, but love to color them. Most of the eggs end up being either brown or green in color because the kids dip the same egg in all of the colors: blue, green, pink, yellow….turning the eggs brown. This year the green dye must have been the most potent because they are almost all green.

The kids start by using the little egg holder, but in the end just use their hands to dunk the eggs and pick them back up. Wilson’s hands were as green as the eggs. I kept telling him that he looked like he had Incredible Hulk hands because they were so green.