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Sidney and Kids Visit

Just as a disclaimer – I have been so busy with Easter egg hunts, friends in town, a CPR class to study for, and life in general that I haven’t been able to post on the blog for ten days. I have written the one for last weekend but haven’t been able to get the pictures up. So, here is what went on this past week….

Sidney Shelton Youngs is a great friend of mine. Her parents and my parents are best friends. They currently live in Asheville, but are getting ready to move to Charlotte. Yeah! Her husband, Bobby, has been staying with us three nights a week while he is working at his new job here in Charlotte. His family, however, is still living in Charlotte. This past week, Sidney and the kids came down for three nights to hang out and be together. It was great!

Sidney and the kids arrived Tuesday afternoon and within minutes, all five kids were playing together downstairs. Sidney said, “I don’t think I will have to do much childcare this week”. She was right. Five kids are easier than two….at least when there are two moms there.

Wednesday morning we went to Space Kidets, a bounce house place that I had a Groupon for. I had never been there before, and it was great. Smaller than Monkey Joe’s and hardly any kids. Almost all of the games in the game room were free as well. Totally worth the time and money. I will probably go back.

Here are all the five kids…




On Wednesday night we actually found a babysitter that was willing to watch all five kids so that we could all go out with Doug and Jacqueline. It was fun to all go out together. We had dinner at a brewery, tried to bar hop, but ended up sitting around and having a drink at the bowling alley (which is actually a hip place to hang out these days).

At dinner, the question was asked, “How old do you feel?”. My initial response was, “28” because I feel like I am mentally still in my late 20s.  Later on that night, we entered a very casual bar on our route.  At that moment I realized that I didn’t like dive bars anymore and preferred nicer places. Then it struck me…I AM a 40 year old! I am no where near the 28 year old that loved dive bars and drinking cheap beer….yuck! I would take an expensive martini in a pretty restaurant over a dive bar any day. I can also tell that I am 40 when I wake up tired the next morning, and slightly hung over, after having only three drinks. Older and wiser, right?

On Thursday morning (despite our tiredness), Sidney and I decided to brave taking the five kids to Ikea. They have an amazing, free, one hour play zone for kids.  Although there is no way you can get out of that huge store in one hour.  We tried anyway.  Miller was too young so he came with us. We went through the show room and then finally found the room with all of the actual stuff that you can buy. We took more time then allowed, but I came home with a great set of curtains. Probably a good thing that we didn’t have more time. I would have spent more money than needed.

Four out of the five kids…



On Friday the Youngs left and went on their way to Winston Salem. We had a great time together. the kids got along great, played well together, and Sidney and I were able to do half the work than we usually do during the week. A very successful visit.