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Mouse Trap

For Christmas Wilson was given the game Mouse Trap. He has been asking to play it, but quite frankly, we didn’t know how and it looked rather complicated. As a child of the eighties, I had been exposed to the game numerous times but I had never actually played the game as it was intended to be played. We always just set it up, let the ball run the course a few times and then put it away. I am amazed that they still make the game at all. Tonight we actually played the game and it was really fun!

The object of the game is to set up the pieces of the game as you move along the board. The kids enjoyed setting it up on their various turns. After the pieces have all been set up, it is a free for all. Everyone except the winner gets caught in the trap. It was actually quite exciting. We were all cheering for a certain number on the dice and laughing when someone got caught in the mouse trap. Faith won and Wilson was an amazingly good loser. He just had fun playing.

We haven’t had a game night like that together….ever. Maybe we are entering a new phase of life. Even Miller sat there with us at the table and rolled the dice when it was his turn. However, He did think that the cheese playing pieces were real and tried to eat them. I had to get him some real cheese instead. The funniest part was when wilson announced mid game ,”I farted”. We all laughed and then Told him that he “cut the cheese”. The kids thought that was hilarious. They were surprisingly able to muster up lots of opportunities to use the phrase appropriately. Lol.

It turns out that after all of these years, Mouse Trap is actually a fun game. I am sure that we will be playing it again soon. It was big hit tonight.