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Faith is 7!



The birthdays just keep coming. Two down and two to go!  Faith turned seven-years-old this past week. I always said that I could envision her as old as six, but now we have surpassed that – she is seven.  I asked her a few weeks ago where she wanted to have her party and she said that she wanted to have it at home.  She had quite an extensive list of friends that she wanted to invite, 25 in all.  In hopes that not everyone would be able to attend, I waited until about 1.5 weeks before the party to send out the emails inviting her friends.  In the end, about 16 of her closest friends from school and church were able to come to the party.  We had planned to have games out in the yard, but the weather turned nasty, and it was rainy and only 45 degrees.  Not a perfect day to have everyone outside.  We still had the party at our house and hoped for the best.   I decided to have the kids paint a craft when they arrived, play indoor games and then have cake.  Of course, I also scheduled the party to last only one and a half hours, which is a much more reasonable amount of time to entertain children at our house.  The party was a lot of fun!

The kids painted their picture frame or birdhouse when they first arrived.  Then everyone came into the living room to play “hot potato” and “freeze dance”.  I had no idea that those two games would be so much fun!  The kids loved them and asked to play them again and again.  It was so cute to see sixteen 4-7 year olds dancing around the living room and having the best time together.  They were laughing and showing their best moves.  The kids were so happy to be together having fun.  After the games, the kids decorated cookies, danced some more, had cake, and watched Faith open her gifts.  Then the party was over.  Of course, it was much louder after everyone had cookies and ice cream cake….much louder.

I knew that I would be tired after the party, so I had bought only four tickets for Tom and the kids to go see The Little Mermaid play at Faith’s school that afternoon.  I needed peace and quiet…and a nap.  I was so tired that I fell asleep on the couch for 1.5 hours while everyone was at the play.  I was exhausted!   Tom was a good Daddy and took them to the play while I slept.  I then met them at the Tony’s pizza for an early dinner.  (Tom got his nap later).  :)

It was a great day.  Faith loved her party and so did her friends.  Faith has grown up so much over the last year.  She is still as sweet and kind as ever.  She is a great big sister to Wilson, and especially to Miller.  She still likes to sleep in Miller’s room with him on occasion.  I am just so proud of who she is and how she conducts herself most of the time.  She is kind to her friends and wants everyone to be happy.  She sees only the good in people.  In school, she is a wonderful student and loves to be there.  Every penny that we have spent for her to attend Covenant Day has been worth it.  Faith has been taking gymnastics for a month now, and by the third week they had already moved her up into the next level of classes.   She loves it and works hard at practice each week.  I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Faith.  She is my “sweet girl” and I am so thankful and blessed that she is mine!  Happy birthday Faith!!

Here is the group pictures….






And the silly shot….




Robin, Faith and Hadley…



IMG_2072 IMG_2079

Faith and her “boyfriend” Stephen Donaldson….






Tom painted the rock in front of Faith’s school….




Freeze Dance….