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I have learned so much about Wilson over the last six months.  He seems to be growing up and changing right before my eyes.  Between school and my job, I think that sometimes he gets a bit overlooked as well.  That is why I am giving him his own blog post today – I want to remember all of the great qualities that he has.  

For one, he has become a great soccer player.  Last season he would run around the field and play, but he was more interested in the snacks AFTER the game than what was actually going on IN the game. This year, however, he was scoring goals, passing the ball, and taking charge on the field.  I was so proud of him.  I am looking forward to what he will do in the spring.  Here is his team picture….

Wilson can be so tough and yet so sweet and sensitive.  He loves to give gifts, especially flowers. If he sees a bush or plant with flowers on it he will walk over, pick one and bring it to me.  He has even begged to jump out of the car at a red light because he really wanted to pick a certain flower that he had seen the day before at that same light.   He ran around to the back of the school last week to pick a pink flower that he had seen on the way to lunch.  He is a giver.  After school on the first day of school he wanted to use his own money to take everyone to Chick-Fil-A for a snack.  He cried when I drove past the first Chick-Fil-A because I didn’t know that he was serious.  We went to the next store, went in, bought snacks and enjoyed the afternoon.

He has also been asking me for piano lessons.  After numerous times of asking, I finally signed him up for a short music class that was offered at his school.  He loves school, which I knew he would.  He is an eager learner.  His teacher said that she wished that every student was as eager as Wilson and that he makes her “want to be a better teacher.” WOW.

He has also begun to really enjoy drawing and coloring.  I attribute this to his going to school. Many pictures include some sweet messages. Here are some of his works… 

And finally, and most interestingly, Wilson wanted a white bedroom.  WHITE.  We tried to talk him out of it, but we finally gave him what he wanted.  It was his room.  He told my friend Yolanda that his room was “the most beautiful white color.”  I bought a new bookshelf for his room and he said that he wanted it to be white with white baskets.   I love white because it looks very clean, but I am not sure why he likes white. Either way, I am happy to oblige. 

 I am bragging on Wilson a bit, but only because these are things that the casual on-looker would never know about him.  Yes, he is energetic, loves mischief, tv and sword fighting, but these other qualities over rule it all.  He is super intelligent, endlessly sensitive, and full of originality.

Wilson’s birthday

Wilson turned six on October 12.  My little wilson is six. I guess he isn’t so little anymore, but he is still super sweet, loves to cuddle, loves to sword fight, loves school, and loves to watch TV.  I tried to talk him out of having a birthday party, and I thought that I had thoroughly convinced him, until five days before his birthday he told me that he wanted a party.  How was I supposed to throw him a party when I didn’t know any of his new friends from school and it was already a Thursday?!?  

Being the super mom that I am, I scoured old emails and the MCA school directory for the six kids that he wanted to invite to his party.  I was able to get in touch with two preschool friends and three families from his new school, including the triplets – six kids. Perfect!  From now on I will be planning all parties five days in advance because it significantly reduces the number of attendees and pressure to entertain them.  

Because our house is such a disaster from packing and moving my mom graciously offered up her house again this year to hold the party. We had a small bounce house, a trampoline, a swing set and some chickens to entertain the kids. They loved it!  The party was a success!! 

Wilson and my mom baked the cake that morning….

 My dad helped bounce the kids….   Wilson and his new best friend, Allison…

 In the middle of the party wilson came to find me so that I could play his new favorite toy, Rockem Sockem Robots, with him. I was flattered that he wanted to play with me during his birthday party. I was so touched that I got a picture of it…. Wilson is truly a blessing to have in our family. He has really grown up over the last few years and I am very proud of him. His smile is contagious and I am so thankful that he is mine. 

Faith’s Princess Party

Faith had her 6th birthday party today.  She wanted it to be at our house and to be a princess party.  I went online to find some party ideas and stole a few from other parties that she had been to.  Faith invited the girls in her kindergarten class and a few from church or the neighborhood.  The girls could dress up like a princess if they wanted.  Faith was Snow White today.  She has so many different dresses that it was difficult for her to choose which one to wear.

I had the party all planned and almost had too many activities.  The party was only an hour and a half and that was the perfect amount of time.  The girls colored their own blank crowns that I found at Michael’s.  Then they were going to decorate cookies, have a tea party, put on makeup, paint their nails, eat cake and open presents.  I think that they were most excited about putting on the makeup.  Some of them ended up looking more like clowns, but they all had a great time.  It worked out perfectly and Faith had a great party!!

Here are some of the girls coloring their crowns….IMG_1707 

After the crowns, the girls put on make up and painted their nails.  As you can see, some have had more practice putting on lipstick than others.  They did pretty well considering the fact that I forgot to give them a mirror….

IMG_1710 IMG_1713

Here are all the princesses from left to right: Jesse, Velina, Maizy, Georgia, Amelia, Faith, Emily, Maddie and Chloe.  Cousin Maddie is in the back…..


The girls decorating their cookies next.  I gave them icing and lots of sprinkles….


Velina thought Maddie was wonderful.  She played with her hair and sat in her lap….


Jesse and Faith….


Emily, Maddie, and Maizy eating their cookies…


The girls had a tea party while they ate their decorated cookies.  Just like a real princess….


Faith’s cousin, Maddie, dressed up as a princess too.  They both looked beautiful.


From left to right:  Amelia, Chloe, Mommy, Faith, Daddy, Maizy, Georgia, Velina and Maddie


Faith getting ready to blow out the candles on her ice cream cake.  yummm!!….



Grandma, Faith and Grandmama….


Miller, Mommy, Grandma, Faith and Grandmama….



The party was a huge success.  For years I have been afraid to have parties at my own house.  I didn’t want to clean it nor did I feel that I had the capacity to entertain little girls for an hour and a half.  I now know that a party at the house is not as difficult as I had imagined.   It also seems that the magic number is 8-10 kids.  Having a party at the house is much less expensive than having it somewhere other than a playground.   I have a feeling that there will be many more little parties at our house in the future.

Happy 6th birthday, Faith!!!  We love you!!