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Quality time…

I took the kids to Squirrel Lake park yesterday. I almost invited another family to go along with us, like I typically do, but decided that we should go alone.  I love bringing others with us because it keeps the kids more entertained and it gives me someone to socialize with.  However, when I have a friend with me I don’t usually play with the kids.  I tend to talk to the other mom while the kids play near us.  I decided that this trip needed to be used for quality time with the my kids.

I picked up Faith from school and we headed right over to the park.  As usual, they were not interested in the playing on the playground equipment. Instead they wanted to go throw things in the water and go exploring in the woods.   To “go exploring” means that the kids play down by the creek, dig in the sand, and eventually fall into the water.  It was a warm day so I wasn’t too worried about them getting wet.  It took about twenty minutes before Wilson slipped on the rocks and fall into the water.  He got his pants and shoes wet but he didn’t seem to mind too much.  We walked through the woods and along the water to see where “the water started”.  I had a very nice time with the kids.  It was fun to see them so excited.  The four of us laughed a lot, threw giant rocks into the stream, and climbed on a fallen tree.

Lately I have felt as if I haven’t spent much quality time with the kids.  I see them all the time, but I don’t always consider it “quality time”.  Quality time is time that we spend together without the distraction of other people or screens.  It is time that I am focused on them and the activity at hand.  We spend a lot of time in the same house together, but we are not always playing together.  Yesterday we spent many hours at the playground together enjoying each others’ company and doing something slightly different.  It was a great day to be a mom!