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Pa visits

Tom’s step dad, Will, came down to visit us this week. This is the first time that he has been to our new house and the first time that he has been here without Tom’s mom, Rebecca.  It was a really great visit. Will is so laid back that he is the perfect guest to include into our busy schedule and our three young children running around the house.

Will arrived on Saturday afternoon and was able to relax with us out on the back deck while the kids swam in the pool. The water is still only 70 degrees but they don’t seem to mind at all. We did the same exact thing on Sunday. I truly love our new house. The backyard lets us feel like we are on vacation and is so enjoyable.

Because Rebecca passed away right before Christmas, the kids were not able to receive the gifts that she and Will bought for them.  We decided that we would wait to give the kids their gifts whenever Pa could make it down for a visit.  This was the trip!  I pulled all of the gifts out of their hiding places in the garage and got them ready. I no longer wrap gifts, I hide them.  I don’t feel like going through all the hassle of wrapping them.  It is too much trouble and too much work.   I have started a new tradition of hiding the gifts instead of wrapping them. It is so much easier for me and even more fun for the kids. Will and I appropriately hid the gifts in each of their rooms and then yelled “go!”.  It was fun to watch them search for their gifts and to be so excited about receiving them. I am glad that we waited so that that Will could be a part of the fun.   The kids received Legos, swords, AG doll cars and clothes, Uno (a new family favorite), and many other fun items.

Wilson and Pa worked together on Wilson’s Lego Star Wars ship.  It was a tough project but Wilson worked hard and was determined to finish it.

The rest of the week went about as usual, sort of. The kids got out of school early one day so that they could play with Pa.  Tom was out of town for a few of the days that Will was here and Will was kind enough to step into toms role a bit. He took out the trash, picked up Faith from gymnastics and watched the boys while I took Faith to dance. He even fixed the light below the microwave for me. Thanks Will! I learned so many things about him that I had never known.  We all look forward to him coming back again soon.

Tom’s Dad Visits

Toms dad, Tom Jr, visits us a few times each year. This time he came to us because he was recuperating from an illness and needed to relax and rest. In hind sight, I find this a bit ironic since we have the craziest household with three children running around in it. I do believe that he did have that chance to rest while at the same time visiting with us and the kids. He has gotten a lot of quality time with faith and wilson. Wilson went to Walmart with Grandpa one morning for over two hours. They came out of the store riding on one of those motorized scooters that the kids are always wanting to ride…..and with a dozen doughnuts. Faith ran errands with him another day just so she could be with him.

On Wednesday we all went out to dinner at a Japanese buffet restaurant. It was amazingly large. It probably had twelve buffet tables with food on it. The kids loved the goldfish in the indoor pond and got to try crab legs for the first time (although the preferred the fries and chicken skewers). Here we are at dinner…..


As usual, I had some chores that needed to be done around the house that Tom Jr. always offers to help me with when he visits. This time the major job to be completed was to install the new microwave above the stove. It had been sitting untouched for over six weeks and it was time to get that baby running. Tom Jr. worked on it intermittently for a few days and then yesterday he and I worked together to drill the holes and get it up. We laughed so hard while doing it. We drilled the holes wrong twice before getting it right. We also had a stool, four books, a giant pot and a level holding up the microwave while we worked. Here he is with our contraption while drilling a set of holes.


Tom’s dad, AKA Grandpa, will be with us until Sunday after church. So far we have had an entertaining and pleasant visit with him while he has also had time to himself to relax. I know that the kids have really enjoyed it as well.

Grandpa visits

Tom’s dad came to visit for the week. His main motive was to come for Tom’s birthday, but he ended up staying for the week. When he comes over it is like Christmas. He brings the kids toys and backpacks and other small items that he gets along the way. I think that the toys actually used every battery in the house. I guess that it what they usually go towards anyways.

When Tom’s dad, Tom Jr., comes to visit I typically have a nice list of things for him to fix. I always have him sharpen our knives. I think they only get sharpened twice a year when he comes to visit and he has a special knack for sharpening them very well. This time he also fixed our leaky faucet.

On Thursday night I asked him if he would babysit for us. He always says “yes”. Tom and I put Miller to bed and then went out to a local bar that had Tom’s favorite on special: Red Bull and vodkas. Luckily for us, it was also trivia night. Tom impressed me with his “useless knowledge”. I think he answered more questions than I did. I blamed it on his being ten years older. :) Regardless, we were able to relax and have fun together which is always needed in our lives right now.


Before we put Miller to bed that night the kids had “movie night” with Grandpa. ¬†Wilson was always the first to cuddle up to Grandpa. ¬†Miller was right there with the others; he has to have his popcorn bowl just like they do.


On Friday the kids had their final day of Bible camp in our neighborhood. My friend April’s daughters and friends decided that they would make money this summer by putting together a camp for the neighborhood kids. They had a Bible story, crafts, games and snack. It was great! I loved having a little more free time and the kids didn’t want to come home each afternoon because they enjoyed camp so much. On the last day I volunteered to help out for an hour and then the parents all had lunch at April’s house together. Miller stayed home and played with Grandpa for two hours. When I got home they were wrestling on the floor and having a fun time together. It was so cute to walk in and see them playing. I was impressed that Tom was down on the floor with Miller. He said that they had already read book and danced together. What a good Grandpa!