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Kids triathlon.

Saturday morning was a big day for Faith, Wilson and Tom.  It was big for Faith and Wilson because they both raced in their first triathlons.  It was big for Tom because his two children were following in his footsteps and racing in their first triathlons.  The Harris YMCA hosted both a Kids and a Preschool Triathlon on the same morning – one right after the other.  There were two main differences between the two races: length and parental involvement.  Faith’s race was much longer and parents were not to help them at all.   My parents and Grandmama were there to help cheer the kids on.

Faith’s race was first.  There was about 80 elementary aged children in her race.  She had to swim three laps, ride four laps around the large parking lot, and then run a quarter of a mile.  The biking and running were easy for her, but the swim was very difficult.  Three laps is a lot of swimming for someone her age.  She was able to complete it, but she was not happy about it at all!  I think the swim dampened her mood and she was on the verge of tears throughout the rest of the race.  Tom was able to help her through the transitions and cheer her on as she came back from the biking which helped.   Here they are at the transition area as Faith gets ready to get on her bike.


Here is Faith on her bike.  Because the older kids went first, there weren’t many kids racing while she was finishing up.


After she finished the race it took her a while to cheer up, and warm up (it was chilly).  Faith finally began to acknowledge her accomplishment and was proud of herself for completing such a difficult swim, bike and run.  We were all very proud of her tenacity and her determination.  She could have given up at any moment, but she didn’t and we were all very proud of her.

Wilson’s race was next and it was very different from Faith’s.  In the Preschool triathlon the parents were very involved and it was a much more relaxed race.  The kids only had to swim one lap, ride one lap around the parking lot and then run only 50 yards.  There was also much more parental involvement.  Most of the parents were in the pool with their child while he/she swam the one lap.  I even saw one dad swimming the lap with his son on his back.  Most of the kids had bikes with training wheels or even tricycles.  Compared to the competition, Wilson rocked this race!  He did awesome!  Tom got in the pool with him but Wilson swam the lap all by himself.  He then raced over to the transition area, put on his helmet and ran his bike up to the parking lot. Wilson rode his bike (without training wheels) around the parking lot and the other families.  Here he is….


Then he ran his bike back to the transition area, dropped it off and took off for the run.  He was so fired up and energetic.  I loved watching him really try to do his best and be his fastest.  The video we took is hilarious!  He crossed the finish line, received his medal, and then wanted to go straight to the food.  I asked him to stop so that i could take a picture.  This is how he posed…..


What a knuckle head!  I asked him to smile normal and I got this shot…


We were all so proud of both Faith and Wilson.  they each ran two totally different races and did the best that they each could do.  In order to celebrate properly, Grandmama took us out to breakfast at the Pancake House.  It was a wonderful morning together doing something very rewarding.  Both kids said that they want to do it again next year.

Here is Faith and I after her race…


Green necklace

There are two types of necklaces to be earned at the YMCA pool.  The first one is the yellow necklace. To earn this the kids have to swim half way across the pool and float for just a few seconds.  Both kids earned this necklace last year and were allowed to swim in the shallow water alone.  The next necklace is the coveted green necklace.  This is a much harder necklace to earn and one that every child wants to have around their neck.  This necklace allows you to go anywhere in the pool by yourself and lets you go down the two watersides.

Both of the kids are pretty good swimmers, but they couldn’t tread water for the required minute.  Because Tom was an All American swimmer growing up, he is in charge of teaching the kids to swim.  They also go to him to learn and then listen to what he has to say.   Because we have been going to the pool so much over the last few weeks, Faith has really gotten better.  On Saturday morning we went to the pool at 10:00am after Wilson’s sports class.  Faith and Tom practiced her treading water for many hours.  At 2:00pm she decided to take the swim test.  She did amazing!  She swam better than I have ever seen her swim.  She swam the full length of the pool by herself.  She rested for a few minutes and then treaded water for one minute.  Her little feet and arms were moving so fast in order to keep her head above water.  The life guard that was giving the test told her to slow down or else she was going to be too tired to finish.  I don’t think that she could have slowed it down.  She is so tiny that she must have needed to move fast in order to stay up.  It was actually really cute.

She passed the test.  I was so proud of her I almost cried.  There aren’t too many goals that six year old have set for themselves yet.  However, this was a big one for Faith.  She wanted that necklace.  I seriously don’t think that she has taken it off since she earned it.  It is a bragging right.  Here is my little swimmer…



Swimming at the Y

Yesterday we had scheduled a playdate with Sidney and her kids.  We typically do the same things, either go to the playground or one of our houses.   We decided to change it up and go to the indoor pool at the Harris YMCA.  This Y has a graduated pool for the kiddies and a small kiddie slide as well.  It is a great indoor pool for children.  Compared to the air temperature, the water felt rather warm.  The kids loved it!  Rarely do I take them swimming in the winter.  Personally, I don’t like swimming or getting into a cold swimming pool, but I may have to suck it up and do it more often anyway.  The kids need to continue working on their swimming skills so that they will be ready for summer.

The Charlotte YMCAs require that kids pass a small swim test in order to swim more than an arm’s reach from their parents.  I totally forgot to bring the kids’ necklaces from last year and Robin had never taken the test.  The life guard gave them the swim test again and they both passed.  (Wilson didn’t want to take it again.)  Having a necklace meant that Robin and Faith could do something totally new and exciting:  go down the giant waterslide!  Faith was scared at first but after seeing Robin do it she went for it.  They loved it!  I think that they each went down the slide at least six times in a row.  I was proud of them – it was a really big slide.  Again, this is something that we need to do more often.  Life can get somewhat boring if I don’t change things up every once in a while.  Today I can say that we did something out of the ordinary and had a great time!


More fun at the pool

Now that the rain has cleared up we have been at the pool almost every day this week….well, at least the kids have. I took them two days and Tom took them the other two. Wilson has been so much this week that today he got the skin rubbed off of the bottom of his big toes. The spot is small but still hurts. I remember getting these same spots as a child. We used to push off of the bottom of the pool so much that eventually the skin got rubbed off. It is like a little hole in your toe. I had forgotten about them until today.  A rite of passage, I guess.

It has still been raining every night, but at least the days have been clear.  Yesterday Tom took all three kids to the pool.  Now that both Wilson and Faith have a yellow swim necklace, we can relax a little at the pool.  Tom found a cozy little corner for Miller to sleep in the shade and where he could sit in a chair and watch the two swimmers.  Finally!  Life is getting a little easier.

However, Tom took all three to the pool by himself yesterday because I needed a little break.  Not that anything major has been going on, but every once in a while I kind of reach the end of my rope.  I know that I have two days free during the week, but sometimes I spend it cleaning or running errands.  I get to do those things alone, but it still tires me out.  I have been pretty tired lately.  I am not sure why, but sleep has been a top priority for me.  While the kids were at the pool I took a short nap and then just laid around for a while.  Sometimes I realize that sitting down is the best thing that I can do while the kids are gone.  I know that as soon as they enter the room I will be on my feet fixing them drinks or being led around the room by Miller while he pulls at my finger. Yesterday’s afternoon break was a nice surprise and needed one.  I am glad that Tom saw my need and acted accordingly.  He is a good Daddy and husband.

Wilson’s Activities and School

I know that each child is different. They each have a different sense of humor, different likes and dislikes, and different interests. As a parent, I can see that in each of my kids. Applying that knowledge, however, is sometimes difficult.

Over the last month I have really had to look at Wilson and determine what is best for HIM as an individual. I have come to realize that he needs structure and he needs to be involved in organized activities. Because he is the middle child, I have kind of let him slip through the cracks (in terms of teaching him specific facts and working with him in other areas).

It was suggested by a friend of ours that we look into putting Wilson in karate classes. Karate teaches discipline and patience, as well as letting the kids kick, hit and punch. Perfect! I called Taekwondo America, which is down the street and run by the father of one of Faith’s former classmates. He said that he never lets any child under 4 into his classes, but he would let Wilson come to one class, try it out and see how he does. Wilson rocked it! He followed all of the directions, sat quietly, and did everything asked of him. He also enjoyed it.  He is now going to Taekwondo three days a week for thirty minutes.



On the other two afternoons he is going to “sports camp” at the YMCA.  It is a forty five minute class that teaches the kids tee-ball, soccer, flag football, and another sport.  He loves that as well.

Today, I signed Wilson up for preschool for next year.  I had a hard time deciding where to send him and for how many days.  I only sent Faith to school one year and for only two days per week.  This is when I have to realize that Wilson is different and act accordingly.  I think that Wilson will thrive in school.  I have failed to teach him a whole lot here at home and I know that he needs to continue learning and filling up that little brain of his.

I finally decided to send him to Cross and Crown (where Faith went) for three days a week.  I know most of the teachers, I know the Head Master, and I feel comfortable sending him there.  I almost cried as I walked out of the church today after signing him up.  I realized that my little boy is growing up and that I have to let him leave me a little bit.  I love my free time, but knowing that he will be gone three mornings a week makes me a little sad.  Of course I immediately began to question my decision…”did I do the right thing?”  “Are three days too much?”  “Will he feel like I am sending him off and don’t want him at home?”  All of these thoughts flood my brain instantly.  I have to remember that no decision is final.  I also have to remember that each of my children are different.  Wilson will thrive in school and I think that he will love going.

Wilson is a very busy boy right now.  I don’t want to bog my kids down with activities, but for the summer, I think it is the best thing for Wilson, and for the rest of us.